Payment Methods

We accept Western Union (WU), MoneyGram (MG) Ria Money Transfer and Bitcoins(BTC)/Ethereum(ETH)

WU and MG can easily be done by placing your order, receiving the information from us via email, and locating a WU or MoneyGram or Ria Money Transfer store (Walmart) nearby and doing the transfer in person. During the process, if you may require any optional information which is not included in the email, text us at +1 (619) 431- 2789 or email us Here.

You can also use your card to do Either:

  1. Western Union/MoneyGram: Western Union can be done online at or You will start by creating an account. Before placing your order, choose payment method as WU. Once your order is placed, you’ll be receiving an automatic email from us containing the instructions and information you’ll be needed for WU.

  2. Ria Money Transfer: Ria Money Transfer is same as WU. If you prefer Ria Money Transfer, you will have to choose Ria Money Transfer at checkout page as your preferred payment method and you’ll be getting an email from us containing the info and instructions. You will have to create your Ria Money Transfer account at

  3. Bitcoin and Ethereum/Monero: BTC is the highest valued cryptocurrency of today and the most secure way of buying virtually anything online. Buying BTC online has been quite difficult lately but you can use your card or bank to buy BTC Online by following one of the methods in the video below. Please make sure to watch all the video (18’31” video) before deciding on the most convenient for you. The video contains 4 different methods.

Once your payment is complete, you can:

  1. Forward to us the confirmation of either WU or Ria Money Transfer if payment was done online to or screenshot and send a text message to +1 (619) 431-2789 Or 

  2. Screenshot the sent page of your BTC/ETH wallet and send to either or text to +1 (619) 431-2789 Or

  3. If payment was done a WU or Ria Money store, send a snapped copy of the receipt to either or text to +1 (619) 431-2789